Your Whatsapp Friends might be your enemies- read this for safety

Whatsapp Friends

WhatsApp, world’s largest messaging app recently targeted by a new malware, which steals users personal information by using their Whatsapp friends . According to newspaper The Independent, this message appears on friend’s chat room. At first, it seems that message have been sent by a friend but after opening it leads to fake websites via malicious links contained inside message. The malicious website attacks user’s phone with a malware, which steals sensitive information about the user.

David Emm, principal security researcher at Kaspersky Lab has reported this issue. According to Emm, this scam is using several languages so that the attacks can be localized for target users. Whatsapp has a large user base in India and Europe, therefore, these areas have caught the attention of scammers.

The message convinces the user to forward the message to 10 contacts, so he/she can receive a certain promotion i.e. $5 discount at Starbucks, Zara etc, Emm added.

Scammers try to convince users to forward the message to their 10 friends so that they may get a promotion. This action leads the message to spread like wildfire. Some messages require users to register on a particular website and provide some basic details like email, phone number, and address. During their visit to such potentially harmful websites, malware is silently installed on user’s phone.

Recently WhatsApp has waived off its annual subscription fees. So if a user receives a message related to subscription fee to avoid account suspension, just ignore it. Similarly, if a message includes some website links offering a discount or any other incentive, it is a malware. This type of message steals personal information. To keep your device and personal data safe from scammers, ignore this type of messages.

If you receive these types of messages from your friends or family members, verify yourself personally if possible. This is not the first time WhatsApp has targeted by scammers and malware. In past, There have been several attacks on WhatsApp due its huge multimillion user base.Last month Whatsapp Android based users accidently installed a malware while updating their app.

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