WhatsApp is sharing your account info – Read this to disable it

WhatsApp is the world most popular Instant messaging app used by millions of people. Very few of us know that WhatsApp is owned by Facebook. WhatsApp uses a state of art data encryption mechanism which makes it almost impossible for any third party intruders to get access to user’s personal data. Recently WhatsApp has started sharing some of the user’s data with Facebook. According to WhatsApp, this information sharing is intended to improve user experience and show relevant advertisements .For many of WhatsApp uses this change is not acceptable because they don’t want their personal interests to be disclosed to a third party.

How to Stop WhatsApp to Share your data with Facebook

If you want to opt out of whatsApp new data sharing policy with Facebook, follow these steps

  • Open WhatsApp and Go to settings.
  • In settings go to account and disable share my account info.


Please note that once you have opted out of this information sharing policy you cannot opt in again. As a result, you may see some irrelevant ads on Facebook but for most of the users, it is not a big thing to worry about.

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