The wait operation timed out Windows 10 – Reasons and Solution

Whenever you transfer data between two computers, a connection is established between your computer and the remoter computer. If the established connection is interrupted due to any reasons we get an error like “The wait operation timed out.” This issue is not limited to any specific version of Microsoft Windows and you can get this error no matter you are using Windows 10 or any other older versions.Since the error message can be triggered by many reasons so the troubleshooting process can be done accordingly.

The wait operation timed out causes and solution

Here are some of the common situations when we get the wait operation timed out error.

  • Sometimes it does not relate to your computer at all. For example, in the case of downloading data from the Internet. The web server might be facing some issues or problems with your internet connection might be a reason.
  •  Sometimes Windows built-in firewall or your antivirus software blocks some files transfers due to security issues. Always make sure you are downloading files from trusted sources. If you are sure that the file is coming from a trusted source, then you can change your antivirus or firewall settings or temporarily disable them to complete the transfer process.
  • Your internet browser can cause interruptions to your data transfers also. In this case, resetting your web browser to default values can help to get rid of the problem.
  • If you are getting this error while accessing a file (e.g. Photos, Applications, Documents) on your computer, then restart your computer. In most of the cases, then this works perfectly well.
  • A faulty Hard disk can also cause the wait operation timed out error message. In this case, scan your hard disk for any bad sectors and file system errors. To do this, Right click on your C drive. Then click properties.Choose the tools tab, click “check” button inside error checking. Now restart your computer, and Windows will scan your driver for any possible errors and will fix them.

wait operation timed out windows 10

This guide explained multiple ways to fix Wait operation Timed out error on Windows 10 and earlier versions.


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  1. I was facing this error for a couple of weeks. tried everything but nothing worked. After reading this article I did an error scan for drive and it worked . Thanks for the solution dude.

  2. This did NOTHING to fix my issues. Windows 10 is terrible!

  3. Hi Pat
    Which Program is causing operation timeout error for you?. let me know and I will try to fix it for you.

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