Quick and Easy way to fix a faulty RAM

RAM (random access memory) is a very important component of computer. Without RAM your computer can’t boot. Whenever you face a situation when your computer don’t boot and you hear a lot of beeps then RAM is the first device you should suspect of malfunction. So here is a quick and easy fix you can do at your home before replacing the faulty RAM with a new one or visiting a technician. This tip can save your time and money.

First step is to remove the RAM from your computer .If you have more than one RAM sticks attached with your computer then first remove one of them and turn your computer on if it boots properly then the removed stick was a faulty one. If the problem is still there then remove the second one and install the previously removed stick and give it a try. If you get success with any to the sticks then you can try to fix the faulty RAM by using this method. Even if you are unable to boot with both sticks you can try to fix them.

Tip is to clean the connector part (as shown in the picture below) of RAM stick with a pencil eraser and then install the RAM sticks one by one and turn on your computer. Remember not to install both sticks at same time while you are testing. Most of the times this trick works and the faulty RAM starts functioning normally. Please note that this tips works only if the problem was due to the dust or the layer of oxide on the surface of connector.

Ram Clean

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