Newly released iPhone 6 plus contains major defect

Are you an iPhone lover? then perhaps you are among those millions of people who already purchased iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus although it was launched a few days ago. But what will be your reaction when you heard the news that the iPhone 6 plus you purchased actually has a very serious manufacturing defect. At the moment you might be scratching your head but it is reality that you are having a faulty iPhone 6 plus in your hands. Many iPhone 6 plus users were shocked to know that their iPhone 6 plus’s shape has been changed while it was in their pocket. The reason for this change was that the iPhone’s body was not strong enough to bear the pressure. You can even test it by putting some pressure on both ends with your hands.

Apple still did not recognized this as a major manufacturing defect but its share’s prices in stock exchange declined after this news is spreading.Although the company told that they received only few complaints about iPhone 6 plus bending problem but the disappointment is raising among the millions of iPhone 6 plus buyers . Apple says iPhone 6 plus is made of extremely durable and strong materials ensuring the device’s ability to handle pressure to a great extent.
The news not only disappointed those who purchased iPhone 6 plus but also to those who purchased Apple’s stock market shares. Apple’s share values had declined after this news resulting loss to its shareholders. Future situation will be highly depended on how Apple will tackle this issue but for the moment you can satisfy yourself by assuming that the iPhone 6 plus bending effect is a hidden feature which was kept as secret to give a happy surprise to iPhone 6 plus customers after all the next generation of cell phones will have this feature and a lot of companies are already working on it.

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