Laptop battery life cycle issue – reason and solution

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A very common problem most of the laptop users face is that with the passage of time their laptop battery charging capacity starts becoming low and low and eventually the battery becomes dead . This problem is not associated with a specific laptop brand . The reason for this problem is entirely dependent on the way you charge your laptop. When your laptop’s power cable is always plugged in and the laptop battery is fully charged, the charger should be removed. If you don’t remove the charger the battery starts getting overcharged . If this process is repeated again and again then with the passage of time your laptop battery will become weak and start losing its charging capacity.

Solution for laptop battery life cycle issue

There are two ways to overcome this problem

  1. When your laptop battery is fully charged then remove the power cable and plug it back when you need it again.
  2. Most of the BIOS brands now have a built in feature to prevent battery overcharging. So after a certain charging limit which is normally 80% the charging process is automatically stopped even if the power cable is plugged in. By default this feature is disabled but you can enable it from BIOS setup . In my system it is located under “advanced” tab having name ” battery life cycle extension”. However the location may vary depending on the bios version and brand.

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