iPhone 6s release date and features-the leaked information

iphone 6s release date

Apple is about to launch its yearly upgrade of iPhone 6 naming iPhone 6s/iPhone7.Its launch is expected in September as usual but there are some rumors that Apple might change its tradition and the new model may arrive in August. However iPhone 6s release date is not yet officially announced. The upcoming version is believed to be containing the upgraded version of iPhone’s operating system which is iOS 9.  Although Apple did not disclosed any information regarding new features but some technology watchdogs have managed to sniff some of them. Let’s have a look at them.
FHD 1080p display
Apple is planning to upgrade its display from long run 720p to full high definition 1080p. This change was very essential because Apple’s biggest competitor Samsung is using a screen resolution equal to 1440p in their latest model which is double to what IPhone 6 have. So IPhone 6s is expected to have brightest display ever.
Double lens camera
Hold on your seats guys, because some rumors are tickling around that Apple is going to make biggest change ever in iPhone’s camera history, by introducing 21 megapixel camera which additionally is based on a “Two Lens System”. This system will offer Digital DSLR quality images by using multi aperture arrays. So iPhone 6s users will be able to make extra high resolution pictures and also recording of super HD videos will be possible.
Forced touch display
Some rumors are there that the new model of iPhone will be equipped with the Force Touch Display technology .This technology is intelligent enough to differentiate between  the movements of user figures over the display surface and respond accordingly .This technology is already being used in Apple watch. So a user can operate the cell phone in multiple ways by exerting slightly different pressures.
Touch ID
Touch ID was introduced in iPhone 6 but the user feedback was not very much positive. so iPhone 6s is expected to have an upgraded version of Touch ID.
iPhone 6s the Slimmest iPhone Ever
According to news the new model is being made by using aluminium-2000. This will make iPhone 6s the lightest and slimmest iPhone ever made without compromising quality and durability. The change might also be driven by the  embarrassing situation Apple faced when many of iPhone 6 Plus users complained about the bending issue.
A more powerful processor
To improve the performance the newer version of iPhone 6 will be equipped with the brand new A9 processor which not only powerful than its predecessor but also energy efficient.

Another thing to note is A9 processor is joint venture of Samsung and Apple. IPhone lovers might be annoyed to hear about joint venture of the rival companies but a Korean news agency has reported that Samsung has started manufacturing A9 for iPhone 6s.

The story about all the new iPhone 6s features seems pretty romantic however some tech gurus and analysts don’t believe that all these changes will be implemented in next model. According to them iPhone 6s is a yearly based upgrade of iPhone 6 and conventionally Apple don’t make hardware or design changes in its upgrades. As the iPhone 6s release date is coming closer, people are getting more curious about specifications and iphone 6s release date.

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