How to install new fonts on your computer


Almost all the operating systems are preloaded with hundreds of different fonts which are enough to fulfill the needs of a normal computer user. However if you are doing some special design work  e.g. you have to make a presentation or maybe you are designing a logo in Photoshop then you might be looking for a special font which is not already installed on your system. In this situation you need to install a specific font to be used for creating a logo or any other purpose.

The process of installing a font is bit different as compared to how a normal computer program is installed e.g. if you want to install an antivirus software then you just download the setup file and run it and it will take care of  the rest of process. However is case of installing a font  usually we don’t have an installer attached with it so we manually copy the font files to destination folder. The process is however very simple and do not require any special skills.

So let’s start doing some work and lean how we can install (Please note that this method is only for MS Windows) a font by following some easy steps. You can find tons of different kinds of fonts over the internet. Some of them are free and some are commercial so you need to purchase them to be able to use those fonts. No matter the font is commercial or free the installation process is same . To install a font just copy the font file and then paste it in the “fonts” folder located  in  C:\Windows\ . After installation that font will can be used in all applications like Photoshop or MS Word etc.

Installing free fonts by Google

Google also have a huge collection of free fonts which can be used on personal websites and even you can install them on your local computer. To avail this facility open this link . First you choose your desired fonts and add them to your collection . When you are finished with selection process then click on the “use” tab located at the right bottom of page. On the next page you can further refine your selection by choosing different font styles associated with previously selected fonts. After this just click the download button (located just above the timer)  and your desired fonts will be downloaded to your computer. Now you can install them (remember to unzip first) by  following the previously told method.

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