How to Screen Shot on HP Pavilion Laptop Using Microsoft Windows 10,8 and 7

Capturing an interesting view from your computer’s screen can be done in many ways. You can make a picture of your laptop’s screen with a digital camera or by using your mobile phone’s camera. The problem is the image captured by an external source is not easy to share with other people. If you own an HP laptop and wondering how to screen shot on HP laptop, then there is good news for you.  Even if you are using any other brand’s laptop, it takes only a few seconds to take a screenshot and save on your computer.

How to Screen Shot on HP Laptop Using Microsft Windows

How to take screenshot of your laptop

First Step: Take Screenshot

Press  Function (Fn) and Print Screen (Prt Sc) keys together. By doing this, your current screen has been captured and saved to the clipboard. Now we need to paste it into MS Paint.

Note: On some keyboards, you only need to press  Print Screen (Prt Sc) Key to take a screenshot.

How to Screen Shot on HP Laptop

Second Step: Paste Screen Shot in MS paint

Now open MS Paint ( Start >> Run >> Type MSPaint ). Use CTRL + V to paste the screenshot in MS Paint.

Third Step: Save image to Your computer

Congratulations you have successfully captured that awesome screenshot. Now it is time to save it your hard disk. Go to file >> save and you are done.

Now you have learned how to Screen Shot on HP laptop So you can make unlimited screenshots and save them to your computer.

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