how to remove viruses from your phone – Mobile safety guide

Have you been searching how to remove viruses from your phone? It’s easy and straight forward. This illustrative article will guide you about detecting a virus, removing it and protecting your phone against future viruses. There are a lot of antivirus software for this purpose, but still, self-care is important. These viruses can be fatal and may steal important data from your phone. The malfunction of some applications or operating system may cause a virus to emerge. However, getting rid of all the virus from the phone is simple and easy.

how to remove viruses from your phone

1. Scan Your Phone For Virus

Before learning how to remove viruses from your phone, just do the little scanning. Different anti-virus program available on trial basis offers virus scanning  before buying. The second option is to perform this function manually. Adware and malware are common types of virus. If you are experiencing a slow mobile speed and more loading time, then you must check for the virus.

Look for all the newly downloaded applications and programs on the phone. After analyzing, make sure all of the downloaded apps and software belongs to a trusted source. If you find a suspicious app that is not downloaded by yourself then immediately remove it. The auto downloaded mobile applications from unknown sources contains viruses which are harmful to your phone and steal personal information.

2. Install Antivirus application or do it manually

Downloading a free antivirus app helps a lot for removing viruses. However, if you are experiencing data corruption on memory card even after virus removal, then the manual action is required. Connect the phone to computer and scan all of the drives through a registered antivirus software. It will find and remove the virus. Second important thing is formatting the external memory card.

3. Choosing Antivirus application to remove viruses

There are various options to download Antivirus software for a Smartphone. Some of them are:

  • Avira
  • Kaspersky
  • Avast
  • Norton
  • AVG

Some of them are available for free while few require a yearly license. Registered antivirus always helps in deleting new phone viruses.

It is important to install an anti-virus with following features:

  • Provide online virus removal.
  • low memory consumption.
  • Perform auto function after certain time periods.
  • Always blocks virus transfer through Bluetooth.
  • Does not occupy much space on phone’s storage.

4. Downloading Applications

Never download any applications from an unsecured network or developer. Certain applications ask for access to your personal information and hardware and may cause damage to the phone. Before downloading any app, do not forget to read it’s users reviews.

5. Pop Up Ads and Redirects

Pop-up Ads and URL redirects through mobile browsers are common. They force a mobile user to download apps from the internet. Do not click on such download links without verification. Google Play store  and Apple’s Appstore are secure and trusted places to download apps and mobile games.

If you are still having serious problems with phone functionality, just contact the official service center near you to get a better advice. If you found this article helpful then don’t forget to share it with your social media friends.

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