how to make your Mac run faster – easy steps to speed it up

No matter how much you love your Mac and it was your cherished desire to have a Mac but it is also not necessary that it will perform all the tasks as per your desire. Usually, Mac begins to slow down with time but you don’t need to worry about it. You can fix this problem using some easy methods. Some methods work well than other as it depends upon your Mac. If you are looking for a solution to how to make your Mac run faster then read this article.

how to make your Mac run faster

1. Restarting Your Mac

It is very  obvious that nobody likes to use a sluggish computer. You will also don’t like to bang your head with your Mac. The first method about how to make your Mac run faster is to restart your computer. Sometimes, if  your computer is working for a long period of time it needs a good restart to run faster. It is the very first option to try before trying anything else.

2. Closing all the Unnecessary Apps

The tabs in your web browser consume a lot of memory of your Mac. Apple has a very handy keyboard that allows you to quickly close all the tabs. Such as media eject button will immediately close all of your tabs and restart your computer. Before doing this option you have to make sure that you have saved your work and data.

3. Have a well-organized Desktop

It looks very simple task but most of the people don’t care about it and have a messy desktop. You will be surprised to know that if you organize your desktop well it will boost the speed of your Mac too much extent. Just try to reduce the number of the icons on your desktop by putting the same type icons in one folder and deleting the unused and unnecessary items.

4. Disable Unnecessary Startup Apps

If you have a number of apps that are launched when your Mac turns on, then it will take little more time to boot. Try uninstalling the apps if they are unnecessary. You can check all the apps that are being launched in this way. Click on Apple icon, go to system preferences, and click users and groups and then click login items. A list of apps will appear. It contains all the apps that start with your computer. Click the minus button to remove them from the list.

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5. Regular Software Update

Running an outdated software also causes to slow down your system. You have to regularly check for software updates that are available for your version.Enabling  automatic update settings and update notifications make sure you get alerts whenever software needs an update.

6. Cleaning the Hard Drive and Delete the Unnecessary Apps

You have to clean all the unnecessary files and programs from your hard drive. Apps always use a lot of memory of your system resulting in system slow down. If you are not using an app, just get rid out of it and free some of the space. This is

After reading this article now you got enough knowledge about how to make your Mac run faster.

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