How to fix a blurry picture – A step by step easy guide

A great blurry picture is always a stress when it’s time to upload on social media. There are several ways and tools available to adjust a blurry picture. This guide How to fix a blurry picture is for easy understanding of everyone. It includes all the accessible tools that are only a few clicks away. This step by step guide is for those people who do not use advanced tools like Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw.

How to fix a blurry picture

Generally, it is considered that only professional graphic designers can fix a blurry picture. Downloading How to Fix a Blurry Picture App is great when you don’t have any other tool. You can also Fix A Blurry Picture on iPhone. However, to Fix A Blurry Picture on Android it is preferred to download an App.

First Step For Fixing A Blurry Picture

Just select the blurred image and makes it copy. Making a copy will save original version. Now you need to open the blurry image in any photo editor on computer or mobile. If you are using a Smartphone then you can download any photo editing app.

Second Step for Blurry Picture Fix

Once the picture is open try to increase the sharpness. Increasing sharpness will minimize the blur feel in the image. Remember you must increase sharpness up to a certain level and do not exceed more. After adjusting the sharpness decrease the brightness level slightly. Usually, the blur element of any picture is exposed more when it is bright.

Third Step:How To Fix A blurry Picture in two minutes

If your picture is still having that old blur effects, then the last step is to play with contrast. To fix a blurry picture, increase contrast up to limited value. This will eliminate most of the blurriness from the image.

Now you may save this image and compare it with the original version. A significant difference will be noticed and will help you in fixing blurry pictures. If this has worked for you then don’t forget to share the article on Facebook and Instagram.

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