How to compress a video for emailing on Windows and Mac

Capturing the awesome moments of your life using your camera is a great way to keep those memories alive. An HD video made at a birthday party or on a wedding ceremony is the best thing to share with your friends and family members who were unable to attend that event. The main problem we face while sharing such wonderful memories through email or social media is that it takes a lot of time to upload. In this article, I am going to teach you how to compress a video for emailing or for uploading to Youtube or Facebook.

This tutorial explains video compression methods for different file formats like MOV, WAV etc. This method includes usage of video compression software which can be used on Windows and Mac OS.

Best way to compress video

There are many ways to compress a video online and offline. The best way to compress a video is through software that keeps the quality intact while decreasing the size of the video. There are many free software available to compress a video, but I prefer Any Video Converter. It is a free software that keeps the same quality while minimizing the size of a video.

How to compress a MOV file

If you have a bigger sized MOV file and want to send it to a friend, it would be wise to compress it or upload it to a third party storing services such as Google drive or Dropbox. If you are thinking about the possible way to How to compress a video for emailing, there is an excellent software named iMedia Converter Delux for Windows. The software can be downloaded both for Windows and Mac.

To compress the MOV file, just install the software and add the file you want to be compressed. You have the option to choose an output type from MP4, AVI, WMV, 3GP, MKV, ASF and MOV. Just select an output type. After selecting an output file extension, choose the video size and bitrate. Click on convert after you are satisfied with the settings and your MOV file will be compressed for email. The MOV file format doesn’t  affect video and audio quality.

How to compress a video for emailing using Windows Movie Maker

If you are using Microsoft Windows, then you can use Windows Movie Maker for compressing video files. Windows Movie Maker is not installed by default, so you need to download it. Windows Movie Maker is a part of Windows Essentials package. Windows Movie Make is extremely easy to use. Windows Movie Maker is available for all versions of Windows.

To download Windows Movie Maker visit this link. After installation, follow the steps below to compress a video using Windows Movie Maker.

  • Open Windows Movie Maker and click  Add videos and photos button.

How to compress a video for emailing

  • After your video is loaded. Click on the save movie button and choose your relevant output type.

Compress video for youtube

There are different output video formats available like email, youtube, HD, iPhone etc. Size for each format is also displayed.

How to compress a video on Mac

There are two options on how to compress a video on Mac computer. One is the use of iMovie software that is pre-installed on Mac OS. Second is the use of other free and paid video converting software, which has already been described above.

How to use iMovie to compress a video

Let’s explain how you can use iMovie.

Import your desired video file in the iMovie software. Now export it using the quality and size you want. iMovie allows you to reduce the quality of the video or decrease its size, depending on your needs.

The videos converted by iMovie are 50 percent smaller in size and can easily be sent through an email. That is the best way to compress a video on Mac OS which you can use for email or to share on Youtube.

How to compress a WAV file for Youtube

You can upload any video on youtube as it doesn’t require any particular format. Still, if you are unsure and would like to convert a video to WAV format, you can use video converting software for compressing the size. If you have a large file then the best practice is to first minimize its size before uploading on youtube. It will save your time and require less data transfer.

A superb software to convert videos for decreasing their size is Handbrake open source video transcoder. This video compressing software can convert any WAV file video type to any other video type for uploading it on youtube quite quickly. The best thing about this software is that it is free, so you can use it without worrying about cost.It works on Windows, Mac and Linux.

How to compress audio files

There are some audio compressing software available out there. But for me the best one is Audacity. It is a free software that can easily be installed on Windows or a Mac computer.

When you have to compress an audio file just import it into the software and then use Project rate to compress the size of the audio. Now export the audio after it has been compressed into a storage friendly format. That is how you compress an audio file.

We have listed a couple of ways by which you can compress videos for sending them through email. Though there are many others but these are some of the most proven methods available online.

If we have missed something, you can always remind it. Just comment it below, and we will get back to you.

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  1. I had a upload a long video file on Youtube. it was creating a big problem over a slow connection. but thanks to your tutorial. After implementing these techniques my video file size was reduced and it uploaded easily. Now I can easily send large video files through email by reducing their size.

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