Facebook keyboard shortcuts – browse fb easily and faster

Here are some of the most needed facebook keyboard shortcuts which you can use to browse facebook more easily and with speed.

  1. To Scroll page up press  k . To scroll down press  j.
  2. Press p to post a new status on facebook.
  3. Press l to like or unlike the selected story.
  4. Press c to post a comment on selected story.
  5. Press s to share the selected item (song ,video,image or any other status).
  6. Press o to open the attachment of the selected story.
  7. Press / to search on facebook.
  8. press q to search your chat friends
  9. To open help press  ctrl +alt +0
  10. To send a new message press ctrl+alt+m
  11. To open your inbox press ctrl+alt+4
  12. To open settings use ctrl+alt+6
  13. To open your friends list press ctrl+alt+3
  14. Press ctrl+alt+1 to go back to facebook home.

You can find more useful facebook keyboard shortcuts by visiting the help section.

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