Edit Text on any website using your web browser

If you want to play with any of your favorite websites and want to impress your friends you can use this tip. After reading this tutorial you can edit text on any website. We will use a built-in feature “inspect element” which is supported by almost all the major web browsers. You don’t need any special programming skills or any other technical skills to do this. The only thing you need is Google Chrome web, Mozilla Firefox ,Microsoft Internet Explorer or any other web browser which supports the “inspect element” feature. If Google Chrome is not installed on your computer you can install it from here. You can download Mozilla Firefox from here.

Let’s start doing the fun. Open any website in Google Chrome (the procedure is same for Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet explorer, but I am using Chrome ). For example, you can open www.veb32.com . Now right click on any text and then click¬† “inspect element”. A new window will open where you can see a lot of HTML and CSS code. Don’t be confused with this massive amount of code you don’t need to do anything with that. You can notice that the text on which you right-clicked is selected but at this point, you cannot edit it. Just double click on it and now it becomes editable. Now you replace it with some new text and¬† click on any empty space anywhere on the page and you are done. The text will be changed. Now you can take a screenshot of it to impress your friends or it can be used for any other purpose.

You can use this tip to edit text on any website even if you don’t own it but these changes are not permanent and the web page automatically restores to the previous state when it is refreshed.

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