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Microsoft has released Windows 10 on 29 July and the upgrade process is now in progress for all those who reserved their free upgrade. This free upgrade process is not happening at once everywhere in the world .  Microsoft is doing it step by step and a lot of people who want to download Windows 10 free upgrade are  still waiting for their turn. As per Microsoft announcement it may take several days or weeks for someone to get their upgrade offer.

If you are among a lot of people including me who click “get windows 10” icon every hour to check whether your upgrade is ready or not, here is a good news for you. You can bypass this Windows 10 queue and  download Windows 10 instantly. In order to download Windows 10 free upgrade, you must fulfill the following requirements.

All of your pre-installed applications and device drivers are supposed to work with Windows 10. So you don’t need to install any updates for device drivers. However, some users are facing problems with display adapters after upgrading to Windows 10. If you also face any problem with your system’s display after this upgrade then install latest drivers to resolve the issue.

So let’s start the upgrade process. You don’t need any Windows 10 product key for this upgrade but if you are doing a fresh install then you must have a Windows 10 product key .

To download Windows 10 free upgrade without waiting you need Media Creation Tool by Microsoft . After downloading , run the media creation tool. it will ask  for  two options whether you want to  upgrade the current PC or you want to do a fresh install.  Select ” upgrade this PC”  and  now this tool will automatically download Windows 10 free upgrade according to your current version of Windows. The process may take one or two hours.

Windows 10 upgrade

If you wish to do a fresh install of Windows 10  then select “Create installation media for another PC” option. You must have a Windows 10 product key to do a fresh installation. Click next and select your desired language ,edition, and architecture. This tool will download an ISO file which you can use to burn a DVD or you can create a Windows 10 installation USB disk. Alternatively, Media Creation tool can automatically create a Windows 10  installation disk for you. All you need is a USB disk having at least 3 GB storage capacity.

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