Difference between a notebook and a laptop – learn the difference

People are always confused with the terms laptop and notebook. Some people assume that the smaller one is notebook while the bigger one is a laptop. However, what do you think about a business notebook with 15.6 inches screen? What would you call it? To get rid of this confusion about the difference between a notebook and a laptop this article would help you with certain distinctions. After reading the article do not forget to share it on Instagram and Facebook and let your friends also know about the difference between a notebook and a laptop.

Difference between a notebook and a laptop


  • Notebook: It is usually less than 5 kgs in weight. The use of equipment is optimized for less weight. Easy to carry anywhere.
  • Laptop: It can range from 2 kgs to 10 kgs depending on the requirement. It is both used as stationed personal computer and for traveling. The weight is little more due to more performance.


  • Notebook: Mostly uses light type processor like Intel Atom and ADM. However, its use is less so low performance or medium performance parts are used. May not contain an additional space to increase ram, hard drive and etc.
  • Laptop: The parts of the high or medium  performance are used. It includes a powerful fan to cool down the processor. Mostly Intel icore and Pentium series are equipped with heavy RAM. It is also used for graphic designing and gaming.


  • Notebook: Small or medium battery. Takes less power and lasts for a long time. Medium cells are used for fast charging.
  • Laptop: Includes a bigger battery to maintain a smooth power supply. The battery life is comparatively shorter than a notebook.


  • Notebook: For using document software, presentations, basic internet browsing or communication like video calling.
  • Laptop: Can be used for graphic designing, gaming, software development, website building, networking use and a point of sales.


  • Notebook: A good notebook costs around $250 to $350. However, a high-quality notebook equipped with significant specifications may cost around $500.
  • Laptop: A good laptop having process core i3 and RAM 4 GB starts from $300. The price range may go up to $3500 depending on the specifications and user requirements.

Which one is for you

  • Notebook: Salaried Employees, Students, Traveling bloggers, basic internet users, printing purpose and old aged people.
  • Laptop: Those who Spend more time with the computer, business persons, software developers  and graphic designers.

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