Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 100-Reviews and Prices

Your search for best Bluetooth speakers under 100 USD might end in a big confusion because of the tons of available options. If you are still scratching your head and confused to make your choice, take a little coffee break and return back to see what we have researched for you. We have compiled a list of best Bluetooth speakers under 100 which will surely help you to choose the best Bluetooth speakers with a price range according to your budget.

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 100

1. Polk Boom Swimmer DUO

Swimmer’s favorite gadget is here for just 44 bucks. With a rubber, plastic makes this Bluetooth speaker under 100 is easy to twist and turn. With built in mic, it helps in taking calls with long sonic sound range. The dirt proof and shock proof feature also enable to hang it outside and enjoy favorite tracks. Micro USB cable is used for charging.

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 100

Price: 48.39 USD as per

2. JBL Clip

One of the smallest and powerful speaker that is waterproof. Its weight is 6.4 ounces but also easy to hang while taking shower. The 4.2 Bluetooth technology add attraction to this one under just $100. Its package includes 3.5mm audio cable to connect with the phones without Bluetooth. If your friend owns this one then it is easy to connect with their JBL Clip.


Price: 49.45 USD as per

3. Ultimate Ears Roll (Waterproof)

Getting a waterproof Bluetooth speaker under 100 was never so easy before the launch of Ultimate Ears Roll. People love its manufacturing and the 360 degrees sound innovation. It can remain under 3 feet water for about 30 minutes. It comes with 3 batteries and 20-watt power. This waterproof speaker is also compatible with Android and iOS.


Price: 69 USD and available at Best Buy, Amazon, and Verizon

4. JBL Flip 3

The flip series are common since many years but this one is awesome. An oval shape speaker that fits in all cupboards, packages, pockets, and bags. It is famous due to less price and high quality. After flip and flip 2, it’s another innovation from the company. With less than 500 grams in size, it is easiest in carrying among all other such gadgets.


Price: 82.99 USD As per

5. Logitech UE Mini Boom

The name Logitech is enough when it comes to music and sound. A little set that gives unexpectedly more sound is best when you are craving for some music. The mini boom creates a good sound in less than $100. It is less in size to hold it properly. A little sober in shape but creates sound full of bass. With USB 3.0 interface it requires only one battery which is included in the package.


Price: 85.64 USD As per

6. JBL Charge 2+

With 1.7 lbs in weight, it is another innovative Bluetooth speaker under 100 by JBL. It has a long battery time due to 2+ feature. You can take it anywhere and enjoy. It comes with built-in noise cancellation and good quality stereo sound. With multiple connectivities, 3 users can connect at one time and enjoy their favorite tracks.


Price: 99 USD as per

7. Sony SRSX2 Ultra-Portable NFC Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Another lightweight and portable model for enjoying music are released by Sony. It gets connected easily with NFC is Bluetooth is not present. So it is adaptable to various devices and technology. The best part of SRSX2 is its stereo sound by Sony. It is easy to operate and is available in one touch sound playing. This one is available in a little more price.


Price: 99.99 USD As per

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