Anonymously surf the internet without leaving any footprints

Privacy is the biggest issue when you surf the internet and almost every internet user is very much concerned about it. Most of the people don’t want to disclose their internet surfing activity to others. This issue becomes even more important when you are using a public computer or sharing your home computer with other family members or with friends.

A very important thing that most of the people don’t know is that almost every website they visit also collects information about them. Mostly the collected information includes user’sĀ location and the type of content he/she is visiting. This information is used for different purposes e.g. building website statistics or displaying advertisements. However, you don’t need to worry about these things as they don’t reveal your browsing history to anyone.

Coming back to our main topic which was to prevent other people to know about your browsing history. The solution is to surf the internet anonymously. Almost every modern internet browser( Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox) is equipped with a feature which enables the users to browse the internet anonymously. When you will visit any website using this built-in feature , the browser will not save any browsing history and thus it will be impossible for other people to know about it.

To use this feature in major browsers follow the steps below.

Google Chrome : Right click the Chrome icon and click “New incognito window”.

Microsoft Internet Explorer : Right-click the Internet Explorer icon and click ” Start InPrivate browsing”.

Mozilla Firefox : Right-click the Mozilla Firefox icon and click ” New private window”.

So now you can enjoy surfing the internetĀ  anonymously without worrying about any privacy concerns.

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