A new technology that will increase your browser speed by 26%

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Technology giant Google has announced that they are going to introduce new compression technology “Brotli” in Chrome browser. This technology will make chrome much faster than what it is now. Google has announced that this will increase browser speed up to 26 percent. The algorithm used in this technology will enable chrome browser to load websites much faster using this new compression technology.

In Swiss German, Brotli means small bread. Google has announced that the currently used compression technology will be replaced by Bartoli in near future. Google Chrome users will automatically start benefitting from this compression technique after updating to the newer version which will be available in near future.

A Brotli based Chrome will load WebPages faster than before thus saving bandwidth and lowering data transfer costs. People having slow internet connections will be highly benefited and now they don’t have to wait for long time for the browser to load the page.

Current compression tool of chrome is called Zopfli. However, a Zopfli based browser requires more resources which slow down the browser’s speed. By using Brotli technique chrome may regain its title of world’s fastest browser. In this technique, the feature of pre-load media files in the background is removed. And the browser will clean unused memory in idle condition automatically. This technology will be beneficial especially for smartphone users by reducing data transfer charges.

According to leading newspaper Daily Times, this feature will be part of Google Chrome in coming few weeks. As this is an open-source technology so other major browsers may also use this technique in near future however so far Firefox is expected to use this technology.

Google says that this new data compression technology will revolutionize the speed of internet and will reduce the data charges especially for mobile users and for those having slow internet connections.

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